Banner Running Bull Leisure Battery 110ah

Part Number 1010997

Dimensions 354x175x190mm

Weight 26kg

Part number 1010997

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Key features

  • Up to 3 times more resilient when charging and discharging
  • They are totally sealed against any type of leakage and are classed as spill proof
  • Maximum performance due to very low internal resistance
  • Maintenance Free - The fluid level never needs to be checked
  • They can be mounted in a lateral position up to a max of 90 degree angle
  • They can be mounted anywhere inside your caravan, motorhome or boat as they do not give off fumes
  • They do not need to be in a sealed box vented to the outside
  • When left unattended an AGM battery will discharge at a much slower rate than a lead acid battery
  • AGM batteries are also able to withstand vibration and knocks much better than a lead acid battery
  • Can be used with products where high power demand is required on a regular basis

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